Collectors Galaxy Toons!

My good friend Justin Seeley, an accomplished software trainer and graphic designer with a vast experience in podcasting (among other things) recently created what is now one of the most well known Star Wars related podcasts: COLLECTORS GALAXY, a weekly show dedicated to us, Star Wars collectors from the past, present and future. Justin and his co-hosts and long-time friends Michael Havens and Trent Bailey have managed to develop a well structured, professional and extremely entertaining podcast, where they have had the opportunity to interview the most famous SW collectors such as Gus Lopez, Bill Mc Bride, Chris Fawcett and Mr. Steve Sansweet.

I was recently approached by Justin to create a Star Wars cartoon of each of the Collectors Galaxy Co-hosts and needless to say, I had a blast working on the project. Since Mike and Trent did not know about this, Justin waited to show them the finished product until they were recording their last show. Needless to say, I was humbled by their genuine reactions as well as their kind words. Guys, if you're reading this, THANK YOU for making my day. It was an honor working on this project.

If you have never listened to this podcast, what are you waiting for? click here and don't forget to like their Facebook page!.

You can hear Trent and Mike's reactions on 1:05:50.

Hasta la vista!


Free Comic Book Day

As many a geek know, the first Saturday of May here in the U.S. is Free Comic Book Day, which is when comic book shops across the Country give away a BIG selection of comics to anyone who stops by. This year I had the pleasure to set up a table at Asylum Comics, my favorite local go-to place to get my comics & collectibles fix, and I was amazed by the huge crowds that visited the store that day. I had a wonderful time talking to customers, friends and cosplayers about art, comics and the Civil War movie that just came out. Greg Lara, co-owner of Asylum Comics and the rest of his team were extremely kind and made the whole experience even better.




Plastic Galaxy

Journalist extraordinaire Brian Stillman recently directed and produced a documentary that is sure to blow the minds of every Star Wars fanboy out there. Plastic Galaxy tells the story of the original Kenner Star Wars figures: how they came about, the impact that they had and still have nowadays and it also presents interviews with some of the concept artists, product developers and managers that worked at Kenner in its heyday. There are also interviews with writers, editors and big-time collectors of the unforgettable toys that left a huge mark in my childhood.

That is why I'm so proud to say that I'm currently collaborating with Brian to advertise this DVD (which you can order through this link). These are four pieces I did based on the original actionf igures and there are more still yet to come. Enjoy.

Calling Dick Tracy!!

Am I the only one who thinks it would be super-cool to see a Dick Tracy cartoon animated in the style of Bruce Timm's Batman TAS? am I?? ... yes? um... okay.